Recycling at Upper Row Farm

We are a Terracycle(R) location for a variety of plastics.

We take recycling seriously on the farm so we are a collection point for a variety of plastics that can’t be easily recycled and regularly end up in all the wrong places. We sort, weigh and pack these items, before sending them to Terracycle. They are then recycled into a range of items such as tables and play equipment. We are even starting to replace some of the items around the farm with recycled plastic alternatives. For example plastic fencing posts that won’t rot, rather than use wooden posts soaked in preservatives. They can also be moved and reused. Yes, wood is renewable but if we don’t utilise recycled plastic products where they can be used long term, plastics will keep ending up in landfill.

This is a list of the items we recycle – these items must be clean (i.e. no food) and dry but don’t need to be separated. We cannot accept any meat or vegetable packaging.

But why bring us your plastic waste? Well it is the right thing to do for the environment AND we get points for every box we send to Terracycle. These points turn into a money donation to our chosen charity – currently the Woodland Trust.

We do not recycle dog food packaging or tablet packaging.

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