February 2019


Time to do a blog to bring last year to a close, and get started for a new year.

We celebrated Halloween with the arrival of a load of pumpkins, which the pigs enjoyed well into November! We made some soup for us too!


Last November we raised money for Children in Need by cooking lunch. We had a duck race and wearing spots. By the end of the month we raised £135. Well done to everybody!

We also welcomed 3 new people to the day service, joining us on Mondays or Fridays.

We’re inundated with biscuit wrappers, and have now started collecting crisp packets, Pringles tubes, and old pens to recycle. You can find more information about the recycle programme on https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/brigades.

The horses had a move around at the end of the year. Jack and Jake spent some time with friends to eat their grass. Sadly whilst he was away, Jack’s old age caught up with him, and we had to say goodbye.


Izzy went over to spend some time with Jake, and we welcomed Betsy to the farm. Betsy is a Dartmoor pony, who arrived in October and has settled in really well. She loves a groom, and lots of attention.


We also have a new billy goat, Chocolate, who has been introduced to all of our other goats and hopefully we soon will be welcoming lots of new goat kids who I’m sure will enjoy playing on the dogs’ equipment just like last year’s babies.


Also at the end of last year we had 2 new puppies, Sprout and Parsnip, who are getting into all kinds of mischief.

We cooked Christmas lunch with the group on our last Monday before Christmas. Even with the cooker breaking down, Jess still managed to get everything ready on time.

After a break for Christmas we started back a couple of weeks ago, only to be stopped last week with the delivery of snow. All of the dogs loved running around in the snow, although Sprout and Parsnip are so small they were lost in it.

Emma has been busy in January getting the sheds ready for lambing, and now we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of lots of baby lambs to the farm.

Thanks to those who donated their old Christmas trees. The goats loved eating and playing with them.

Goats enjoying Christmas trees

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