Spring 2017

Steve spent some time with Mike to think about what we need to write about, and chose some pictures too.

So far this year we have welcomed lots of kid goats who are now all growing up and becoming far too well acquainted with the farm. When the weathers good we take them into one field, then as soon as we looked back they have managed to jump into another one! This meant that the garden wall needed some reinforcement to keep them away from the beans…..they enjoyed them last year, so not wanting a repeat of that.

Names for our new goats will be announced soon!

We have also welcomed 2 new additions to the goat herd, with Adele and Abi joining us. They are Boer goats, adding to the mix of Anglo-Nubian, Saanen and our 1 Pygmy-Angora cross.

Heres a picture of Adele and Abi relaxing in the yard:


Unfortunately Adele managed to knock one of her horns and it came off. Derek spotted this just after she did it and we called the vet who came to make sure she was OK. She has been fine since, but is a little lop sided on the horn front. Well done, Derek for raising the alarm!

When we have an open day you can see if you can spot her amongst the herd.

Earlier in the year we thought we had lost our resident Turkey. We had noticed that she would  come out of her house, fly over a wall and head for a ditch, so after a little searching in the area we found her……sitting on 7 eggs. She was well hidden as the pictures here show. Can you see her? She is easier to spot in the 3rd one:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In July we said Good Bye to Jacob, who decided his time at the farm will come to an end. We wish him well with whatever comes his way in the future. We have really enjoyed having you with us for the last few years. Good Luck! The cats are going to miss your cuddles.

With no Jake, we had to get on with the hay making one person down so it was all hands on deck!

We will update again soon, lots more to catch up with another time!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to send Farmer Emma any questions you have, we can try to get an answer for the next blog.

Bye for now….

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