2018 The start of another year on the farm

Our ‘rubbish’ walk



Time for another update….its been awhile so some news to share!

The pig stys have been getting more run down until it was no longer safe to leave animals in them without them escaping through the holes!! The walls are being made safe and we hope to get them back in action soon!

The other barns which have been worked on in the last couple of years are proving their worth and were especially useful in housing the sheep and cows when the snow came. Just need to find a way to keep the water pipes from freezing now!

We have got some new goats, all Golden Guernsey cross. They won’t be having any kids this year, but Sailor, our Billie goat, spent the winter with us and we are hoping our Boer, Nubians and Sanaans will all have kids later in the year. Sadly we had to say ‘Goodbye’ to one of our oldest goats, Steff who died just last week.

We have sold a few cows and have a lot of younger calves around now.

We also have a new dog, Zeus the staffi.

Earlier in February the day service did a walk to collect the wine bottles that have appeared in the ditch over the past few months. We collected 12 bottles…….and they have already started to come back so a rubbish walk will be added to our list of jobs to do every few weeks! Hopefully, though whoever is leaving the rubbish will discover what a recycling bin is for!! Taking a look when driving around the lanes I think a Big Rubbish Walk might be in order soon……

Emma has been busy seed planting ready to get the garden going again.

We have welcomed some new people to our day service and sadly said farewell to Toni who came to see us on Fridays with a group from Frome. We wish her all the very best and have heard she is enjoying the new job-so all good there.

We raised £58.50 for MacMillan by hosting a coffee and cake sale and last year raised £60.00 for Children in Need. We are all busy working hard to earn stars ready for our next fundraiser.

We do have spaces still, especially on a Friday, so if you or anyone you know is interested in joining us for the day (Monday or Friday) please get in touch. Call Steve on 07983 143234 or send a message though the website.

Lambing is due to start so a very busy time ahead. We started getting the pens ready this week.

We aren’t holding any lambing days this year but hoping to get back into action with them for next year! If you are interested please get in touch and we will contact you when we have some dates planned.

Well, the snow came back, so off to check the pipes again.

We will be back soon with an update on the lambing.

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